There is an increased demand for private detectives and investigators due to the heightened security threats and litigations. The proliferation of criminal activities on the internet, such as identity theft, hacking, spams, e-mail harassment and illegal downloading of copyrighted material, had further increased the demand for private detective agencies. We are the professionals in this field and we will assist individuals, business establishments and attorneys by finding and analyzing the information by collecting clues, to solve the mysteries and to uncover facts about legal, financial or personal matters.
We offer the following services:
  Pre – Employment verification
  Individual back ground profiles
  Cyber crimes
  Bank frauds
  Insurance claims and frauds
  Asset verification
  Missing person’s cases
  Pre marital screening
  Spouse verification
  Witness protection
  Executive, corporate and celebrity protection
  Industrial thefts and pilferage
  Cash escorts
Special Features:
We, the members of Expol 70, on successful completion of training, were posted to various places spreading all over Tamil Nadu. The 1970-ians excelled in all branches of police work. During our career, besides our rich experience, we also underwent specialized training such as VIP security, anti – hijacking, bomb detection and disposal, man missing, shadowing and surveillance, disaster management, traffic management, investigation of bank frauds, cyber crimes, detecting counterfeit currencies, passport and asset verification and human relationship, etc.