Welcome to Tamilnadu Security

We are also running a private limited company in the name Expol70 Detectives Pvt. Ltd., a registered company, has come into existence with 49 active members. We have a network of more than 300 detectives, spread throughout the state of Tamil Nadu and they will be supervised by one retired Superindent of Police in each district and it is manned by professional police officers who have served the Tamil Nadu Police Department for more than three and half decades. We have vast experience in dealing with any kind of investigation and enquiries. We assist in preparing criminal defence, locating witnesses, serving legal documents, gathering and reviewing evidence. Investigation of bank frauds, cyber crimes, detecting counterfeit currencies, passport and asset verification, employment verification and human relationship, etc. The knowledge and experience of all the officers are pooled together and decisions will be taken collectively.

Our detective company not only provide good service to the society but also will extend a helping hand to the companies during the times of need.